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Assistance with Educational Testing

Support in accessing and completing relevant educational tests (for example:high school equivalency testing, vocational testing, and more)

Assistance with Licensing / Certification Fees

Get help paying for any fees associated with licensing or certification.

Assistance with Supplies

Get help paying fees and securing supplies such as books, tools, uniforms, and more that are necessary for employment and education

Career Counseling and Mentoring

One-on-one or group conversations that help you define career aspirations and tackle challenges keeping you from successful employment

Childcare/Eldercare Services

Secure childcare and/or eldercare support so you can stay in school or at your job

Citizenship Education / Educación para la Ciudadanía

Prepare for American citizenship / Prepárese para la ciudadanía estadounidense

College and Career Services

Prepare for college and career opportunities in your local area

Community Organization Referrals

Get connected with local organizations that can provide extra assistance

Digital Skills

Learn how to use the internet and improve computer skills

Employability Skills

Develop professional and personal skills you need to succeed in the workplace

Employment Planning

Develop a career plan based on your personal goals and aspirations

English as a Second Language / Inglés como segundo idioma

Learn to read and communicate in English / Aprenda a leer y comunicarse en inglés

Entrepreneurial Skills Training

Learn the basics of starting and operating your own business 

Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC)

If you are between the ages of 55 and 65 and have lost your job due to foreign trade, you may be eligible for the Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC). HCTC is a federal tax credit administered by the IRS that pays for most of the cost of qualified health insurance for eligible taxpayers and their family members. (As of 2023) This coverage is no longer available, but it may return in the future. This article remains as simply a reference.


Prepare for the High School Equivalency Test (HISET), formerly known as GED, and earn your high school equivalency diploma

Housing Assistance

Find suitable housing for you and your family 

Internship and Work Experience Assistance

Get connected with internship and work experience opportunities! Youth opportunities are available as well. See Youth Work Experience

Job Market Information

Identify industries, sectors, and occupations that fit you and your aspirations

Job Search Allowance

Receive reimbursement for cost of seeking employment outside of your commuting area (10+ miles away).

Job Search Assistance

Help with job search tools and support from a case manager who can help identify potential jobs 

Leadership Development

Find leadership opportunities that help you gain valuable experiences in your community

Legal Aid

If you need legal help and can't pay for it, we may be able to help you. Call your local American Job Center to learn more about what help is available in your area, or check out the Tennessee Legal Aid Services program through the Department of Human Services. 

Life After High School

Get help transitioning to training and education after high school

Math, Reading, and Writing Classes

Improve reading, writing, and math skills.

Mentor Program

Connect with a mentor that offers guidance, support, and encouragement, and helps you achieve your goals

Money Management

Learn how to effectively manage your money 

Needs-related Payments

Individuals who are currently enrolled in training can get help paying for personal expenses

Occupational Training

Get trained in an industry or career path that is in demand where you live

Overview of Available Training Programs

Get information about potential training and education programs available to you 

Pre-Employment Transition Services (for individuals with disabilities)

Students with disabilities can get help preparing for the transition from school to the working world with job search assistance, help finding work experiences, workforce preparation, and more

Re-employment Services for Trade-Impacted Workers

Get help finding new work after a layoff. This may include employment counseling, resume writing and interview skills workshops, career assessment, job search assistance, job referrals, and more.

Reasonable Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities

Reasonable adjustments or modifications at work that make it easier for you to be successful

Referrals to Health Care

Referrals to free and low-cost medical clinics

Relocation Allowance

Get support covering reasonable and necessary expenses for a pre-approved move if a new job requires you to relocate more than 50 miles away.

School Alternatives

Find alternatives to traditional high school or secondary school. Get a degree in a way that’s right for you.

Skills Assessment

An assessment of your knowledge, skills, and abilities that will help identify what support is needed for you to achieve your goals 

Supplemental Wages for Trade Impacted Workers

Get extra money (“wage subsidy”) if you lost your job due to foreign trade and you are over the age of 50. This service is also known as Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance or "RTAA". (As of 2023) this subsidy is no longer available, but may return in the future. This article remains as a reference.

Technical and Vocational Training Assistance

Get support with finding the right training or education program, applying to the program, and staying engaged

Transportation Assistance

Get help with getting to work or school


Get support with school work and study skills

Workforce Preparation

Get help enhancing your resume, preparing for interviews, and upgrading other soft skills  

Youth Guidance Counseling Services

One-on-one mental health counseling, including substance abuse counseling

Youth Work Experience

Find work experience (paid or unpaid) that will help further your academic and career goals. 

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Documents You Need to Bring

To enroll in all of the programs you see on this page, you will need to bring at least ONE example of each type of document in the list below when you meet with a Case Manager. To understand what sort of document can work for each type of document, hover your arrow over each item.

If you don't have one of the items on the list, click here to find your local American Job Center and give them a call to ask for help.

Note: Some items on this list may not apply to you (for example, if you know that you don't have a history with the criminal justice system, you do not need to bring documentation of your Justice-Involved Status). Please ignore those items.

  • Social Security Number
  • Your Identification
  • School Status
  • Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Income
  • Documentation of Disability
  • Veteran or Veteran Spouse Status
  • Citizenship Status
  • Date of Birth
  • Selective Service Registration
  • Receipt of High School Diploma
  • Pregnant or Parenting Youth
  • Foster Care Youth Status
  • Justice-Involved Status
  • Notification of Termination, Layoff, or Dislocation
  • Certified Trade Petition