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Workforce Development Program for Individuals with Disabilities

Also known as the Vocational Rehabilitation Program

The Workforce Development Program for Individuals with Disabilities empowers you to maximize your career potential, independence, and integration into their community. These services include job counseling, work experiences, training/education opportunities, and other supportive services that help you achieve your career goals.

Counselors for this program are located in many, but not all American Job Centers. Check out the Department of Human Services website to find out how to get in touch with someone.

Step 1

Review Eligibility

  • Physical, mental or sensory impairment that makes it hard to get or keep a job
  • Would benefit from workforce development services in order to prepare for, secure, retain or regain a job consistent with the person's strengths, abilities, capabilities, interests and informed choice
Step 2

Gather Required documents

Provide proof of each item below (if applicable): 
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  • Social Security Number
  • Your Identification
  • School Status
  • Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Income
  • Documentation of Disability
Step 3

Get Started Next steps to enroll

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